Bob Maddams

Print and video from a single commission

Bob Maddams is a highly experienced freelance travel journalist who over 25 years has written for practically every national newspaper in the UK, together with specialist travel magazines and websites, and who has also won awards for his work for the Guardian and the Observer.

Bob is also a documentary maker who has made TV programmes for National Geographic TV and Animal Planet, and operates as a self-shooting videographer. This allows Bob to offer travel editors both print articles and accompanying professional quality videos, if required, and from a single commission. Unlike most travel videos which are no more than PR style promos, Bob presents his own videos with a professional travel journalist’s eye, giving first-hand accounts of destinations and travel experiences and bringing to life with the power of video the rich experience of travel.

Travel journalism is about helping readers to make more informed choices about where to go on holiday, and the combination of both print and video is the way forward in the digital age and offers the best of both world’s – informed travel journalism about countries and experiences and the inspiration to broaden peoples’ horizons.