Travel journalism for the silver traveller

I specialise in writing for the older and more experienced silver traveller. Why, because I am one. We silver travellers take the path “less travelled” and demand luxury and quality of service at every step, which, as the poem says, makes “all the difference”. And we can afford it, too. People aged 65-74 spend more on holidays than any other group, and are closely followed by those in the 50-64 bracket.

We re a curious bunch and are just as happy exploring new cultures and places of interest as we are rediscovering famous cities or reliving extraordinary experiences and events.

Silver travellers love exploring different places and cultures

We also love the great outdoors, (although you’re more likely to find us on safari rather than on a surfboard). We’re even prepared to rough it a little, just so long as there’s a chilled glass of something to look forward to at the end of the day. Equally, we feel just as much at home relaxing on a stunning beach as we do luxuriating in a 5-star hotel or on board a cruise ship.

Silver travellers have a taste for the exclusive, whether it’s a beach, a restaurant or a cruise ship

As you’d expect, we also appreciate good food, have a nose for an interesting bottle of wine, and aren’t prepared to compromise on comfort and service.

Silver travellers expect the highest levels of quality and service

Silver travellers are discerning and highly knowledgeable. What’s more, they demand travel journalism which recognises who they are and helps them to make more informed decisions about where to go on holiday. They also enjoy reading well-written articles that reflect their greater life experience and more critical eye. This is a readership I understand very well. After all, it takes one to know one.

Silver travellers have a taste for the more individual type of holiday

I’ve spent a lifetime in travel. I’ve been around round the world, lived abroad and have written for national newspapers and specialist travel magazines, winning a few travel journalism awards along the way. My website features examples of my travel journalism, photography and travel video filmmaking. Please take a look.

Bob Maddams knows the expectations of the silver traveller market becuase after 30 years of travelling the world and writing for national UK newspapers, he’s become one.