Bob Maddams

Freelance Travel Journalist & Videographer

I’ve always held that travel journalism’s job is to help readers make more informed decisions about where to go on holiday, and spend their money more wisely. Travel journalism also appeals to readers who enjoy reading well-written articles which invoke destinations and travel experiences. To this end, for the last 20 years I have written travel pieces for national newspapers and specialist travel magazines, and have been fortunate to have my work recognised by winning a handful of prestigious travel writing awards along the way.

However, we now also live in a video content age and readers demand more from a publication’s website than a promotional video produced by a tourism board. They expect video content to be just as objective as a print article, to be made under the critical eye of a professional travel journalist rather than a PR, and to be produced professionally and to broadcast standards. In short, video that appears on a publication’s website accompanying a print article should reflect the same editorial standards.

I am also an experienced and fully equipped videographer, who trained at the National Film and Television School and as a self-shooting producer have produced documentaries for ITV, National Geographic TV and Animal Planet. So, as well as writing travel features I can also present accompanying videos, giving first-hand accounts of travel destinations with a practised travel journalist’s eye, and bringing destinations more dramatically to life with rich video content.

The reader and user gets a better understanding of a destination, the publication’s website can get all the benefits of video without compromising its editorial standards, and all from a single commission.

Please take a look at my print and video samples.