Travel journalism for the silver traveller

Written under the pseudonym Robert David

Jemuru cover front

Lights, Camera, Jemuru – Ethiopia through the lens of a community film school tells the remarkable story of the years the author spent training ex-street kids from the poorest parts of Addis Ababa to become community filmmakers. Sometimes sad, often funny and always moving, Jemuru (which is Amharic for “Action!”) is also a fascinating portrait of Africa’s most misrepresented and misunderstood country. At a stroke it banishes the Live Aid “heart of darkness” image of Ethiopia to reveal a country of outstanding natural beauty, and one with an ancient culture which can trace its history back to the days of the Queen of Sheba. Above all it celebrates the incredible achievement of a group of young Ethiopian filmmakers, and by sharing their remarkable story highlights the untapped potential of millions of young people all over Africa and the developing world, and what they can achieve if given the chance.

Link to paperback available on Amazon: Lights Camera Jemuru

Chosen Cover - Doing It For George - Bob Maddams4

Doing It For George is a humorous take on a grown-up gap year trip around the world and a journey to the heart of the Hollywood classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. It has also been described as the longest advertisement for the benefits of travel insurance ever written.

Link to paperback available on Amazon: Doing It For George

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